Vegan Vampire Bites coming soon!




I decided it was time for a fresh change. It was the 5th anniversary of, and it was time for something new. Vegan Vampire Bites will be a joint effort between my soon-to-be husband, and favorite fellow vampire, Thomas & I.

I hadn’t really been blogging much back at the old site for a long time, as I had been pretty busy with roller derby for the last year and a half, where I adopted my latest moniker: Vampira Bitely. Since we moved to our new place with ALL the counter space, I’ve started cooking again. I’ve also gone on derby hiatus, so I actually have time to do it now! Thomas has also started hanging out in the kitchen with me and the DSLR, so he’ll be handling the photography for the most part in our new venture, which is wonderful and makes the posting a little less overwhelming for me!

I decided to just leave the old blog closed for now, but no worries, you will see new postings of old favorite recipes here!

Thanks for stopping by! It should be spooky and delicious!


Ty &Thomas

Our Sphynxs

Ganon & Midna