Veganomicon Curried Tofu


I think the best thing about the Veganomicon is that even if you felt like you went through it thoroughly years ago, you can still find new things to make. Take this easy Curried Tofu (page 127!) recipe for example. I couldn’t even recall seeing it before, but on a recent read, I noticed it and mentally noted it. Later in the week, we had Indian food leftovers that I wanted to pep up for a second dinner round, and this seemed like the perfect thing!


I used a little ground cumin instead of cumin seeds, tossed in a little cayenne, & doubled the tofu (I ALWAYS do for any tofu dish. There is always more than enough marinade – without doubling it, and Thomas is a tofu eating monster!) I used the Baked Tofu instructions on page 129, but left it in the marinade. (Also one of my standard practices.)




This was a great idea! It was not only EASY, but went perfectly with our food, gave it a little variety for the 2nd round, and extended it pretty inexpensively. Tofu dishes do not go unappreciated in this house, and we can both use the protein for our respective athletic endeavors. This has now earned a folded page in my book. I’ve gone back to all my Isa books lately as I’ve started cooking at home again more often. I really appreciate that her recipes are tasty and dependable.


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